"A soldier doesn't fight because he hates what is in front of him. A soldier fights because he loves what he left behind." - unknown

"God is our refuge and strength. He will protect us and make us strong" (ps 46:1). For those who will fly today, for those who are there now, and for those who will soon join the fight, Lord, shield them from all evil, strengthen their hearts, and bring them home safely.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bloom Where You are Planted

I think that every military family can feel the tension, the worry encompassing the military community right now. To ignore it just isn't possible (believe me, I've tried). We are all on edge. We are all wondering what the many changes being implemented will do to our family, to our soldier. Everyone is sitting tight. 


And in the middle of it all, our soldiers are still training. Our soldiers are still deploying. Our soldiers are still giving legs and arms and lives.

War doesn't wait.

I have had great difficulty sitting down to write. I have struggled over information about the lessening numbers - how they will affect C's particular branch, how this may affect him. I have struggled over how very real all of this is to Us and how non-existent it is to the rest of our country. 

We see it daily. We are living the worry and the hesitation daily. We understand.

All of it has been eating me up inside. While C is in the field again. While Logan keeps asking when his daddy is coming back from camping with his soldiers again. While I watch them sleep, and hang his uniforms, and wonder what will we do if this stops being our life.

I have not been able to shut off my mind. I have worried and worried and worried.

I see it in the faces of the soldiers. I hear it from our spouses. Hushed whispers, some not-so-hushed. Questions I can't answer. Fear that I cannot calm. People are worried

A reader emailed once telling me how good of an "Army Mom" I was to her and I laughed out loud. But I understood the term. When I was at my lowest in some time, I called my "Army Mom" and poured out my heart. She listened. She let me cry and vent and share my fear. 

These are the moments that she would usually turn to humor. We are similar in that way. Sometimes you just need to laugh through the rough spots but this particular call was not the time for that. She said, "Megan. (breath) You are a woman of deep faith. Do not let that be shaken now. He will put you where you need to be - wherever that is."

The message was firm. Strong.

Do not let your faith be shaken.

I know so many of us are beaten down. That we feel forgotten, abused, thrown-away. I know that we are angry and tired and maybe even in disbelief at what is happening. 

But it is happening.

Our lifestyle is changing. Our paths are changing.

This is not a time to lose our resolve. This is not the time for me to crumble and beg for answers. He has never failed me while I have failed Him again and again. He has never led me to where I am not meant to be. He has never let me take a step alone. He has never taken me where He did not walk beside.

The road ahead is uncertain. The future is never promised. 

But His promise to bring us through is certain. His Grace will always rain down.

It is taking every part of me to let my human worry go. To live in the today, the right now. C is working each day as if there is no worry, the same way he always has. He is fulfilling the promise he made fourteen years ago - to serve as long as his country will allow him. None of that has changed. I have been humbled by his unwavering commitment, shrunken by his will to work just as hard for his men, for his nation.

Do not let your faith be shaken.

Bloom where you are planted. Every day, wherever that may be.


  1. My worst fears came true only about two months ago when I learned my husband was not going to be promoted, because of the reduction orders from up above there was no way to get by it, it became my reality. Our world crashed for a few days and everything felt numb. "How do we sell our house quickly" "Where are we going?" "What are we doing next?" "Will I need to start working again? "How much time do we have?" The questions were and are endless. As time has passed we still have few concrete answers. We do, however, have immense faith that our Heavenly Father is going to place us where it will not only be best for us, but also where we can do the most good for others. What you wrote above is true. We know we will be taken care of and that His path is being followed. Praying for peace in our home and hearts helps us each and every day...

    1. Please know that you have prayers coming your way! Thank you for telling your story. I cannot tell you how much I am feeling for families such as yours. We share the same strong belief and I love how you said we are placed where we can DO THE MOST GOOD FOR OTHERS! That is EXACTLY how I feel. Wherever we go, whatever comes are away, we are never beyond reaching out to support those around us and to ALWAYS be kind and do good. : )

  2. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed today.

  3. So very true and much much needed today. Even though I know there are many in our situation I still feel alone at times. Thank you for this!

    1. I think we are all feeling a little alone. This entire situation is incredibly isolating but WE ARE NOT alone in it. The entire military family is feeling it.


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