"A soldier doesn't fight because he hates what is in front of him. A soldier fights because he loves what he left behind." - unknown

"God is our refuge and strength. He will protect us and make us strong" (ps 46:1). For those who will fly today, for those who are there now, and for those who will soon join the fight, Lord, shield them from all evil, strengthen their hearts, and bring them home safely.

Military Discounts

Some of us (me!) don't like to ask and very rarely do places advertise it. I know there are great deals out there - discounts, special military rates at amusement parks/special events, and what-not.

What places do you know that offer military discounts? Please include whether this is only on certain dates, %age amount, etc. Did you take a trip that was really "Military Friendly?" Share the info! We can all use it!

(Remember to always have your ID on you and it never hurts to ask (even though I am always hesitant to do so myself). Many hotels have a discounted "government/military" rate but if you call they often have a special "active duty military" rate. Most amusement parks offer a generous discount so check their website or call to find out in advance. Nearly all airlines offer a military rate but you have to call to book. They also often have one or two seats reserved at this rate on each flight so if a flight is booked online there just may be a seat available. Doesn't hurt to call and ask right?)

I hope this can help you and keep that ID handy!

For all you coupon clippers and deal-searchers out there:
You know I LOVE Money Saving Mom but I also found a coupon site that focuses on military-related savings! Please check her out - she's a military spouse as well trying to help out other military spouses. Can't go wrong there! Her site is Military Wives Saving.

Check 'em out and save some more money! If you know of great sites like these that can help military spouses post them and I'll check them out.


  1. Old Navy offers 10% off the 1st - 5th of every month

    1. It depends on the location. Ours is every monday.

    2. Ours is every day. Abilene, TX

    3. Ours is everyday at Jax, FL.

    4. Old Navy is everyday, nationwide. I clarified that with Corporate in November 2016 because my local Old Navy STILL only wants to do it only on Mondays. Corporate gave me a reference number for my local Old Navy to use when I shop there, but they only discount off of the full price. The nice news is some Old Navy's (near my parents) also do it every day, but in addition to whatever discount you already have.

  2. This is so helpful!! I feel like whenever I ask if a place has military discounts, they say no. I never know where I actually can get military discounts (i'm a new army wife). -danielle

  3. Apple gave a significant % off to my husband prior to his departure!

  4. Oh yes! Apple does give discounts. They took $150 off my mac I believe.

    AND ... windows 10 for mac, and windows for pc comes at a discounted price if you purchase the "military appreciation version". Buy it in your PX/BX or at aafes.com

  5. Here is a great list that was forwarded to me in an email. Thank you, Lorena!
    I could not post all of them but if you email me I will send you the list.

    Aeropostale - 20% off in store
    Applebee's (discount varies)
    AT&T (disount varies - I THINK for the higher percentage the account must be in the soldier's name as primary)
    Avis - 25% off, online you should use this coupon AWD # A555084
    Banana Republic - 10% military discount 1st of every month
    Barnes and Noble - 6% off regular price plus free shipping http://www.bn.com/militarycity
    Bass Pro Shops - 10% off from the 15th to 22nd of each month
    Bath & Body Works - Discount varies, stores vary
    Buckle - 10% off, Free Shipping
    DSW - 10%
    Express - 10%
    Extreme Outfitters -10-20% on miiltary Gear, online and in Store
    Gap- 10% military discount 1st of every month (may vary by location;
    in-store only
    Home Depot - 10% off Year Round
    IHOP- 20% with Military ID at owner's discretion
    Kohl's - 15% off
    Longhorn Steakhouse - 10% military discount
    Rack Room Shoes - 15% discount
    Regal Movie Theaters - Matinee prices for all show times.
    Texas Road House - 10% military discount

    1. www.GruntRoll.com is a pretty good resource for this. They have all those, and a lot more, but the way it's organized is pretty sweet. I use it a lot.

  6. New York and Co offers 15-30% depending on the store

    The Limited just started a 15% military discount

  7. Sears has a 10% discount off of tools for Military. They also give discounts on other parts of the store from time to time (shoes, etc.).

  8. If you have Ruby Tuesday's they also give a military discount everyday!

    1. Ruby Tuesday in Winchester, VA doesn't offer veteran

  9. We went to the Timberland outlet and they gave us 20% so would assume they would do this at their regular store too

  10. Keep in mind many of these discounts vary with location. For example: the Kohl's at the city closest to our post doesn't give a discount, but the Kohl's an hour away does!!

  11. Auto Zone - always a military discount and free shipping to APO addresses (which is VERY helpful)

    Penske Moving Company. If you call them they will usually give you a great deal. Last time I used them I got almost $2000 off my move!

    T-Mobile will give you a corporate rate if you tell them you are military. Service Member has to be the primary on the account.

  12. Sears also offers the Heroes at Home program around the holidays. I think sign up begins in early October...you have to kind of watch for it because they can only accept a certain number of people, but it's open for all active duty military. We received over $150 in gift cards this past year, good at Sears, K-Mart, Lands End, etc. both in store and online. :)

  13. Pac Sun
    Verizon Wireless
    Elite Safelite Autoglass
    Finish Line Shoes
    Great Clips
    Grease Monkey
    IHOP (only active duty personnel)
    Old Chicago
    Payless Shoes
    Sears Portrait Studio
    Taco John's
    Also Journey's Shoe store just started but I don't know any of the %. I don't know if this is everywhere, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

  14. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but you can repost if you want. :) Have you ever heard of Operation Love ReUnited?? I'll put a link at the end of this comment, but basically, photographers in your local area have volunteered to take pre-, during, and post-deployment (reunion) pictures for military families! It's an AWESOME service. Check it out!

  15. Here in Colorado you can get into the Museum for free :) The whole family! I know that sometimes this changes though so call before going.

  16. Panda Express gives a 10% discount.

    1. Not in Yuba City! It must depend on the location/owner.

  17. Disney World has a 6park package for $200 something p/p it ends every september. (Dont know the size of the group though and it has to be on the counter if you call or go to the internet they wont sell it to you)

    Sea world and bush gardens gives you 1 park free every year. You choose the park you want!


    Almost every store in Prime outlets here in FL have military discount!!!

  18. Foot Locker 20% every day
    Champs 20% every day

    and it hasn't seemed to matter what location as they've all given us the same discount

  19. Hi Megan -

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    Start today for only $10 after the special military discount for your first 4 weeks. That's just $2.50 a week for top-notch help cutting your grocery bill - helping you keep $200 to $400 in savings each month! Join thousands of other families who realize you can’t get this kind of help anywhere else, even for free.

  20. Universal Orlando is offering a 3 day Free park to park ticket with a military ID. I believe it is just the active or reserve member only. ticket good till 6/30/2013. I picked mine up at the Navy Exchange discount ticket office which is in a trailer outside the exit of exchange. The exchange is located directly next to airport beachline expressway heading to I-4 on 7151 Earhart Drive, Main Telephone (407) 857-3550,MWR Information, Tours, Ticket MWR Trailer
    407-855-0116 Good Luck

  21. American Eagle 10%!!!

  22. Please also remember that you can go on to any base, and their ticket office has many discounts there as well.

  23. We just went to Legoland, Florida. At the ticket booth I was able to get first ticket free and all others at 10% off! If my older kids had their ID's they may have been able to go up to the window and get a free one, also?

  24. Striderite
    Albertsons Market 10% first sat of the month
    El Paso Zoo
    Roger Williams Zoo (Rhode Island)

  25. I don't know why some places only offer to active, retired and reserve. What about Veterans? they also sought and served.

    1. Veterans are always included in Military discounts. Generally speaking retailers ask for ID. Hope you kept it!?
      And thank you for your service.

  26. Sandals resorts give a 10% discount. I'm already planning for when my husband gets home...in like 9 or 10 months.

  27. Chipotle in Yuba City,CA gives a free drink to military customers.


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